The artist formerly known as recumbenteer

In a fit of pique last year I deleted my Facebook account.  They weren't happy with me using the username 'Simon Funonontheupfield' - I wasn't happy with the steady stream of baby photos.
(Lots of friends have recently had babies - I haven't and wasn't planning to which left me feeling like I was losing the common ground with a lot of my social circle).

So feeling a little disatisfied with the FB land, I thought I'd take another look at live journal.  I used to post in LJ around 10 years ago under the name 'Recumbenteer' and was friends with people I'd met though usenet group aus.culture.gothic.   Some seem to still be here (well have accounts anyway) so if you are still reading  its good to be back.

I created a new username 'FunOnTheUpfield' - which incidently is where you can find me on twitter. I abandoned  'Recumbenteer' because I'm no longer riding the three wheel recumbent bikes.  I still love riding and bike touring, but I'm a committed two wheel safety bike rider now.

This post is also a bit of a test of some new technical kit purchased over the christmas period.
Later this year I'm intending to go on a longer bike tour and am looking for ways to keep in touch whilst on the road.  Carrying a computer, reserve battery pack and a solar panel buys me about 3hrs of mobile computing time at the expense of half a pannier and around 2 kg.  This post is written on my smart phone, using a foldable bluetooth keyboard.  It's smaller, lighter and the phone can be charged using USB and my bike dynamo.  So far the test seems to be working.

Hope to hear from you.



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